AdamMasterTV playing The Adam Master


adam master tv logo.

AdamMasterTV helps out with a LOT of stuff for puffleville like ideas, games, stores, arcade games, intros, trailers, and other stuff like that.

Here is a link to his channel:

Adam Master Productions 4.0

The Adam Caliber: The Adam UnleashEdit


AdamMasterTV created a new and second channel called "TheAdamCaliberTV."

The story of it is that these kids that hate him (or known as the Anti-Adam leigon), tried to take him down for good,but the AdamMaster saw it, he took vengance and made the leigon and him to the cyber world and fight to the death

Heres the welcome intro for the new channel!

The Adam Caliber WELCOME INTRO08:01

The Adam Caliber WELCOME INTRO

The welcome intro to AdamCaliber

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