this is Blu.

Tyler Blu Gunderson, or simply, Blu, is the main protagonist of Rio, and is a rare species of blue macaw (Spix's Macaw [Cyanopsitta spixii]) that originated from a bookstore in Minnesota, taken by unseen smugglers and shipped to Rio, the same fate to later be suffered by the Angry Birds, as their species (Red, Blue, Yellow, etc;) are also described as rare.

The Angry Birds do not meet Blu until the very end of the episode Smugglers Den, where he is locked up in a cage next to Jewel, the only other Spix's Macaw in existence. He is later used in Jungle Escape as a playable bird in the Rio Theme 2-15, connected to Jewel. When tapped or clicked, Jewel will fly forward with Blu being pulled behind her.

He is still armed with Jewel in Beach Volley however in Carnival Upheaval he is separate. Blu, this time, has a new ability. Once he hits an object, he'll shake himself up causing spreading of objects. Blu only appears in Angry Birds Rio. In Puffleville, he is a nice angry bird. The video that he had a main part was in Puffleville 2012. He tried to fly but he landed in the ocean.