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The Black Bird (also known as the Bomb Bird, Kamikaze Bird or Stone Smasher) is a type of Bird in Angry Birds. It is the second most powerful bird in the game, and is especially efficient in taking out stone structures. Although being extremely powerful, Black Birds are a generally placid species. Once angered however, the black birdwill stop at nothing to get revenge. The Black Bird (A.K.A. Kamikaze Bird, Stone Smasher Bird, or Bomb Bird) is a species of bird in Angry Birds. It is especially efficient in taking out stone structures. Although extremely powerful, it does not seem to be able to control his anger. Whenever he is angry, he turns red and explodes.&nbsp The Black Bird has great physical strength, much like the Big Brother Bird. It is among one of the birds consistently capable of penetrating a concrete wall when aimed directly at it. It can also penetrate other walls pretty readily, but its overall penetrating power is tempered by its time-activated ability. The Black Bird looks like a bomb, and that's precisely its ability. Once the Black Bird hits anything, it glows red. About two seconds after doing so, the bird explodes, heavily damaging anything within a short radius and forcing back anything else within a larger radius. The Black Bird can also be made to explode early by tapping the screen or clicking the mouse.