Orange bird Space


Atomic Bird (A.K.A Atom Bird or Super Orange Bird or Lagoon Boy Bird or Lagoon Bird or Space Orange Bird or Earth Bird or Super Space Orange Bird or Globe Bird Space or just Orange Bird) is the classic Orange Bird. He is a new bird coming soon in Angry Birds Space. It seems as though it will have the same ability to inflate like the classic Orange Bird, yet some point after inflation the coat will stretch out to a more far radius. Also When he is blown up, it is bigger than when he is not in space. His coat resembles Firestorm, just like Bomb. It might be possible that he came through the vortex to help the others, or maybe just attracted to the sweet smell of Utopia candy. Also, it was believed he was not added, but he could have found the vortex after most of the flock already left in space, which could mean Boomerang Bird and White Bird might find THEIR way to the vortex. If it happens, the whole flock will go to space. Later, Rovio released a teaser for the bird on facebook. This comfirms it's exsistence. On July 26, 2012 they releaed 20 new levels of Utopia, along with the Atom Bird. Unlike the Orange Bird, the Atom Bird seems to be filled with helium because when it puffs up, it can float around, and is not effected by gravity.

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