a Puffle Cat


  • The Cat Puffle is possibly only a Purple Puffle or a Pink Puffle wearing cat ears and a tail. If it is, it is an extremely real-looking costume, but can't be because puffles don't have hats in the wild! And plus, its purple, and it would be weird if there was a purple hat for a Blue Puffle!
  • It looks like a Hot Pink Puffle in the shadows,
    Puffle Trouble02:13

    Puffle Trouble

    so hot pink puffles might be the only puffles with ears and tails.
  • Herbert might have something to do with this... maybe after the explosion he captures all the Cat Puffles!

Galery of Different Cat PufflesEdit

Get Connected Puffle Party 2012!01:36

Get Connected Puffle Party 2012!


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