Evil Penguin Town (formally Penguin Town) is a city on Plushie Island. The Penguins in Evil Penguin Town are evil. The once got rid of O.T. by throwing her as far as they can in the woods. The videos that Evil Penguin Town was in was, O.T. Gets Lost In Penguin Town, and Before Puffleville:

Orange Tangerine Comes To PufflevilleEdit

Orange Tangerine Comes To Puffleville

Orange Tangerine Comes To Puffleville

O.T. gets swung into Penguin Town and gets knocked out.

O.T. Gets Lost in Penguin TownEdit

Orange Tangerine wakes up because she got knocked out. The The Penguins of Penguin Town are being nice, but

O.T. Gets lost In Penguin Town

Before Puffleville

Before Puffleville

O.T. breaks her leg so they carry her to "Puffleville" which is really the woods, then throws her down. The Penguins of Evil Penguin Town say the don't live in Penguin Town, the live in Evil Penguin Town. And Orange Tangerine uses her powers to swing herself all the way back to Puffleville. The puffles descide to get Psychodude in the next episode.

Before PufflevilleEdit

Blueprint and Brownie are working in Evil Penguin Town and they descide to escape, and a penguin predicts the future that Orange Tangerine will come to Evil Penguin Town. He was right. Anyway, Blueprint and Brownie go in Puffleville, and defeat Psychodude, and practicly did the same thing as episode 1.