this is Einstein and Orange Tangerine.

There are 3 fake puffles in puffleville,

1. Einstein (we mostly just call him Fake Puffle)

2. Orange Tangerine

3. Chubz

Once Orange Tangerine got swung into Penguin Town by Psicodude.

Did you know that the Penguins (in Penguin Town) are evil? and tried to make Orange Tangerine get lost forever? But, Orange Tangerine went back to Puffleville after.

The two Fake Puffles look like 2 other Puffles: Einstein looks like Blueprint, and Orange Tangerine looks like ZaNy, well because it's his sister. (Chubz doesn't look like anyone).

Fact: There are some fake birds and fake fate. There is a picture of one.