Fat Pig
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strong, gets stronger and stronger


Space King has some new goals, including stealing the Eggsteroid and continually feeding the Fat Pig. Fat Pig (a.k.a. Mega Pork) combs the Universe looking for cosmic food to continually increase his size.


space pigs. note how big the fat pig is compared to king pig!

Pig (the fattest one called Mega Pork, or "The Bloated One" like jabba the hutt) combs the Universe looking for cosmic food to continually increase his size. He is massive with spots on him similar to the Big Brother Bird. The description of the Fat Pig according to The Daily is: "As ravenous as he is disgusting". He also appears on the episode "Cold Cuts title screen. His first appearance in game is in level 4-10 as a regular character. He is smaller than he is in 2-20. Despite his extreme size, he is easily popped. On the Angry Birds Facebook Page, a picture shows that the Fat Pig has grown more larger because of it eating more Utopian food and if you look closely on the picture, you will see some satellite with other Utopian Food being eaten by the Fat Pig. Another thing to note about the Fat Pig Angry Birds Google Chrome design. The Mega Pork, which is the Fat Pig from the beginning cutscene, awaits you on level 4-30, in which he is enormous and serves as a boss. To beat Mega Pork, You must aim for his mouth while he tries to suck everything in it. You can hit the rocks at his mouth and he'll take damage by sucking in the rocks. You could also hit the chip popcorn makers to burn the popcorn so the Mega Pork can also take damage by eating the Burnt Popcorn while sucking everything. You can also damage the Mega Pork by using Monster Bird (Monster Bird gives him damage when he's near the Mega Pork's open mouth), the Atomic Bird's Ability, or Firebomb Bird's Ability. Be aware that using Firebomb Bird's abitlity or Atomic Bird's Ability near the Mega Pork's mouth will give him damage, even if his mouth is not open. He won't eat the birds, but the Red, Blue, Lazer, and Ice Birds won't do any damage while he sucks everything in his mouth. When you defeat the Mega Pork, he will pop and the eggsteroid from the beginning cutscene is free, which means that the Mega Pork managed to eat the eggsteroid before the boss fight. In the ending cutscene, the Mega Pork now become small after the Ice Bird took the Eggsteroid, only it still has its spots. After level 4-10 of the first world of Utopia, Fat Pig now appear as a common enemy just like the Bad Piggies do in the second and third world until the boss fight. He also appears as a common enemy in some of the Space Egg Bonus Levels. Some of the levels have more than one Fat Pig. Also in the original Angry Birds game, the Fat Pig is in the King Pig Mode and is used like the Big Brother Bird, to smash stuff, and oink loudly. This might be the reson he has spots.