this is what he would look like in puffleville.

Hannibal Cannibal is the first boss in Tyincorporated's Puffle Ville Puffle Prisoner Lockdown. He will be an upcoming puffleville character in the videos. Hannibal Cannibal is Psychodude's brother,and was born with a multiplyer system which can make him in many fake copys of himself. He uses his flame breath to attack puffles, and roast angry birds for Chicken Friday. His very favorite food is LIVE PUFFLES (exept black puffz)! He also eats there skin and flesh alive! He is the only Puffle

A screenshot of Hannibal Cannibal from the game "Puffleville:PufflePrisoner Lockdown"

that is a cannibal (In Puffleville meaning, of that Hannibal eats puffle meat.

Real Deffinition to Cannibal: