Space King
Space King in bubble


Real Strong (without UFO) EPICLY STRONG (with UFO)


pig: green, dark green, light green, black, yellow, blue (gems on crown).

UFO: gray, dark gray, white, yellow, light gray.


Boss 1: shooting out bubbles with veggietables and rocks in them. driving around in rover. Boss 2: flying around in UFO. dodging asteroids, meteors, and the birds.

The King Pig, now in Space, has a UFO with grabber claws and appears to be responsible for the Flock getting pulled through the wormhole into Space. It was the Space King's idea, while still the King Pig to steal eggs from the Birds in the first place. As Space King, he has some new goals, including stealing the Eggsteroid and continually feeding the Fat Pig.

In Puffleville, the King Pig turned into tape pig and was useless against the Birds. In The Day of The Adam Master, the king pig was part of The Adam Master's Team and helped defeat and take over Puffleville.

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