Mighty Eagle
Mighty Eagle
mighty eagle


white, black, yellow, and brown.

Related To

Mighty Dragon, and boomerang bird?



Avalible In

angry birds, rio, and seasons. (exept for year of the dragon) also might be in angry birds space.

Cool Fact

the mighty eagle looked way different when Rovio drew it in the golden egg level.

For simaler thing, see Mighty Dragon, Space Eagle, or Cheeto Bag.

The Mighty Eagle is the 2nd largest, and strongest, of all of the available Birds, (exept for theMighty Dragon) and as such, has a limited use: If the Eagle is used on a level that hasn't been completed normally, it can't be used again on another non-completed level until a full hour has passed. However, the Eagle is used on a level that the player has already completed, the player won't have to wait before it can be used again. To summon the bird, the player must first purchase him (only once) , on the top left of the screen during gameplay, an eye button is placed alongside the "Pause" button. If this button is tapped, all of the standard Birds will instantly disintegrate and a can of sardines will land on the slingshot. Then, the player must simply fire the sardines at the Pigs' structure. After a few seconds, the Mighty Eagle will come roaring down from the skies and strike the ground with incredible force, killing all pigsand piercing through anyblocks he launched through. Any missed pigs will be instead killed by a massiveearthquake the Eagle causes. If the Mighty Eagle is used to pass the level, no stars will be awarded. Instead, the standard scoring system will be replaced by a "Destruction" meter. Depending on how much damage the Eagle causes to the Pig's structure, this meter will fill up to a maximum of 100%. Scoring a perfect percentage ratio will award the "Total Destruction" feathe

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The Mighty Eagle Logo

r next to the level's icon on the stage select screen. In some scenarios, the default birds will have to be used in conjunction with the Eagle to get 100%. At present, the Mighty Eagle is unlockable for the following:

  • iOS players are able to unlock the Eagle by paying for an in-game app that unlocks the Mighty Eagle for the rest of the game.
  • Owners of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color or Nook Tablet, who pay for and download Angry Birds onto their devices, can employ the Eagle while they are within a Barnes & Noble Bookseller and employing the store's complimentary WiFi connection.

While the presence of the Eagle in the Android-based Nook devices shows that support exists for it, the ability to use the Mighty Eagle in the generic Android versions of the game has been announced but not yet actually enabled.