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new characters from Terror Tales of Puffleville I


Here is a list of episodes in season 6 of Puffleville:  

'''Title card''' '''Title''' '''Airdate'''
Theescape The Escape September 20th, 2012 Blueprint and the Psychodude team escape from a giant hole and try to stop Smokie from unleashing all the darkness. Season Premiere.
RiseofadammasterHhhhbbbb The Rise of The Adam Master September 24th, 2012 The Adam Master is coming into Puffleville, and he may LOOK happy, but you will see...
DayofadammasterHd2d The Day of The Adam Master October 1st, 2012 The Adam Master is coming! Duck for cover! Save ur children!
GggH9d9 What Is Defeat? October 8th, 2012 The Adam Master? Defeated? No way! Or yes way? Stay tuned...
Notany SlenderPuff October 15th, 2012 ZaNy! You should've known better!
Notany Puffleville Debate October 22nd, 2012 Who will be president of Plushie Island this year? Ralphie or Psychodude?

The watchers are the Puffacrats (demicrats), Psychodudicans (replubicans), and the OOH Citezens (unknown).

Terrortales Terror Tales of Puffleville I October 29th, 2012 It's a dark stormy Halloween night, and guess what? The puffles, even Psychodude, have decided to tell scary stories! Lets find out what they are...
Jimyz Puffleville Voting October 29th, 2012 Little Jimmy knows best.
Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 5.16.49 PM Mother Knows Best November 26th, 2012 Little Jimmy's back with his mom, AND the most knowing-ful mom ever! She "Knows" what to do when a hurricane happens in Puffleville.
Extras Extras Will Rise (A Holiday Special) December 11th, 2012 Oh no! all the main charcters have been catured! The Extra Characters must rise to save them...
Pufflezilla Pufflezilla (episode) December 16th, 2012 A giant puffle-monster wrecks the town... This episode comes early!

New CharactersEdit

  • Franken Puffle is a monster-puffle that Blueprint created him in his lab in the storey: Franken Puffle. It is based on Frankenstein.
  • Little Jimmy is a 6 year old kid who is annoyed by his mom's protectiveness.

Instant Episodes In OrderEdit

The Escape07:29

The Escape

The Rise of The Adam Master07:09

The Rise of The Adam Master

The Day of The Adam Master06:36

The Day of The Adam Master

Puffleville What Is Defeat?08:01

Puffleville What Is Defeat?

Puffleville SlenderPuff02:37

Puffleville SlenderPuff

Puffleville Debate!03:52

Puffleville Debate!

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