Slender Time Intro00:22

Slender Time Intro

SlenderMan in the Slender Time intro.

SlenderMan is the main character of Slender Time. The second main character is Finn. He always ends up eating finn or sucking his soul. He was first said to be a good guy, but the writers changed their mind and made him a slightly funny bad guy. If he were a good guy, he and Finn would go on adventures and stop other bad guys. He might become a good guy if the viewers want him to, but this is unlikely because The Adam Master works for him and he is a bad guy, so that would be a wierd twist. The Adam Master only appears in Puffleville episodes NOW, but he might come to Slender Time episodes later. In the first episode, he says 2 sort of bad things that he won't say anymore after episode 1: trans-sexule, and freaking. Sorry for that.

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