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Slender Time is a web show made by Tyincorporated, that features SlenderMan and Finn going on adventures in dark forests, and other places too. It is the second mager web series made by Tyincorporated. The first was Puffleville, and the third to be Ninja Bros. The first episode came on at 5:00 on Wednesday October 3rd, 2012. SPOILER! Finn didn't survive. In the later episodes, Finn's Twins take his place and try to find the 8 pages. They look exactly like Finn, exect for sometimes when we switch some things up.

Episode 1 PlotEdit

It starts out Finn is looking for the 8 pages and says "Oh look. There's a page." Then he sees SlenderMan (Slender Time) and says "Oh no! It's SlenderMan! Run!" as seen in the sneak peek. Then says "Oh wait. I'm an adventurer! WOOO!" and jumps up and hits him in the face. then SlenderMan (Slender Time)says "Hey! What the freak is your problem!?!" (sorry). Finn says "wait, you coulkd talk?!?". "Of course! What do you think I am? A noob?". "Sort of, no offence. "All taken." (SlenderMan attacks Finn. Finn: "I guess I am terrible at talking to ladies". SlenderMan: "I'm not a lady! I'm a freaking trans-sexuale!". He meant he was not a male of feamle, not the other meaning. SlenderMan (Slender Time) eats Finn and sucks his soul. Finn Screams like an old grandma: "AAAAAAAHHHAAAWWWOOOHHH!!!". Speaker (Tyincorporated) says: SlenderMan by Jake. Finn by Adam. Speaker by Ty. Now for the bloopers (bloopers play).

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