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almost all birds

Star wars character by size

playable birds by size

The Star Wars Birds are the origanal Birds, only being Star Wars characters. Here are the birds:

Red the Red Bird is Luke SkywalkerBird,

Chuck the Yellow Bird is Han Solo Bird,

Terrence the Big Brother Bird is Chewbacca Bird,

Stella the Pink Bird is Princess Stella Organa Bird,

Matilda the White Bird is C-3PO Bird,

Egg is R2D2 Egg,

unknown is Yoda Bird,

Bomb the Black Bird is Obi-Wan Kenobi Bird

unknown is Crumb Bird

Bomb the Black Bird might be Darth Maul Bird (click here for pig version),

Boba-Fett Bird is Al the Boomerang Bird,

and The Blues are Wedge Bird.

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