the turkey bird will be coming to angry birds seasons thanksgiving


How it would look in the annimated series of angry birds or puffleville.

The turkey bird will be coming soon to puffleville.

It's power is simaler to Blu's power. it's power is to shoot out it's 4 feathers in all derections. it is similer to blu's because if you just let it hit the strutcture, it will do it even though you didn't tap.

The birds that have that ability (to not tap) are:

-Black Bird

-Orange Bird


-Red Bird

[1]-Big Brother Bird

-Mighty Dragon

-Mighty Eagle

-Luiz (rio dog)

-Nigel (not slingshotted)

-Rafael (not slingshotted)

-Nico (not slingshotted)

-Pedro (not slingshotted)

-Mega Boomerang Bird (partly)

Turkey Bird

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