Release Date:

June 31, 2012


(right now 10) 30

Episode Number:


Previous Episode:

Fry Me To The Moon

Next Episode:

likely Piggble Plog


Angry Birds Space

Utopia is the fourth episode in Angry Birds Space. Rovio had Angry Birds Competition in naming the fourth planet and they will have 1 winner and 4 runner-ups and they will have Space Boxes. The winner is Utopia by Hayyie.

Trivia EditEdit

  • Hayyie said “I picked the name Utopia for something different and elegant, I think! I did my best throughout the day to bring a drawing that suits the name”.
  • A new Bird (Atom Bird) is introduced.
  • The Fat Pig is in this episode since it is a food planet.
  • People are thinking there will be a Donut Bird, and if it gets to close to the Fat Pig, the fat pig will eat the bird. 2 seconds after he swallowed, the bird explodes causing the Fat Pig to pop, but it is unlikely. This was proved false when the rest of it came out.
  • There is a boss that I KNEW ws gonna happen. It was the Fat Pig, only HUGE and gets bigger and stronger when eats popcorn.
  • The Atom Bird was released on 4-11. It's power is to puff up like a helium balloon, and float around.

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